#59) through #64)"How are you doing?"

They say...
#64)"How are you doing?"

When this is said, people say of course something like,

"How are you, doing?"
#63)"whats going on?"
#62)"You, doing alright?"
As I nod my head.

"Good." They say.
or "Great."

Even if I didn't answer their question, they still answer.
I don't necessarily have to answer. Weird?
Unless they say,
"Not so good"
Then I always say #61)"Oh, really." #60)"That sucks."
This of course happens most, when I do know the person.
I think they call it #59)"small talk."

Which small talk, almost always turns out to be a long talk.

I want to answer, but I figure they don't want to hear all that nonsense that I could say.
Do they really want to hear all that personal stuff.
Maybe they do, but I would say
Probably not.
I have to confess I do this to a lot of people. Even to the ones I know best.
I'm trying to change though?

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