#54)"Your full of bologna."

#55)"That's bologna."

Meaning it's false or untrue.

What does bologna have to do with anything, pertaining to a lie or a false statement.

#53) #52)"Huh" #51) and #50)

#53)"What" or #52)"Huh." #51)"Whats that?" #50)"What did you say?"

I need to stop doing this.

This is when I actually did hear them.

#48) and #49)"I'll never do that"

A lot of people tend to say "never."

When not too long after, their doing just that.
Aren't people funny like that?

I like this one though.

#48)"I can't stand it!"Why can't they stand and take it?
If they sat down, would it be any better?
Or even a little easier?
I don't think so.

#47)"I feel as if I'm stuck between a rock and a hard spot"

Who gets stuck between a rock...And a hard spot?

I'll tell ya who?

Aron Ralston
That would be quite an achievement, don't you think?
I just don't see it happening. Until Now!

#45)"I'll kill you!" and #46)"I hate you"

I had to put this in. I like how Conan O'brien can make fun of himself.
Just look at the similarity?


Here's a couple strong sayings that are used a little too much.
#46)"I hate you!"

Which is usually not true

#45)"I'll kill you!"

Which dosen't usually happen.

#44)"None of your beeswax" and #43)"busybee"

#44)"None of your beeswax"
Who has bees wax? What is bees wax anyway?

I thought there was only honey.

What do they say, something about working like a
#43)"busybee."As far as I know, most of the bees still sleep at night correct?

#34) through #42)"That suck's"

People tend to say, #42)"That suck's!"
Or #41)"that stinks!", #40)"That blows!"
When really they are talking about something bad that happened to them, or something they think is no good.

These below are annoying to me.

#39)"Golly gee!"

#38)"peachy keen!"

#37)"hey honey", #36)"hey Sweetie"

#35)"That's so cute".

Or when they think something is really cute,


I can hardly tolerate it anymore.
But that's just me.

#32) and #33)"Son of a gun"

I don't get it?
I believe that may have started to replace another saying?
"son of a..."
I'm sure you can imagine what could go after that.

#32)"you guys"

I've noticed some people even call females "you guys"
Weird to me?
I even caught myself doing it. This has to stop.
The term "guys" is now used to refer to a group, a couple, or even a family.

#'s 31 - 27 #30)"I can't put my finger on it"

I may sound a little critical, but I'm guilty of saying saying these things too.
Then it occurred to me one day, Why am I saying these things?
Have you ever heard,

#31)"Hmmmm. That's a humdinger?"

What's a humdinger?

When a person is trying to think of something they say,
You cannot put your finger on something that isn't there.

similar to #29)"It's right on the tip of my tongue."

Why do people say, #28) "just a second"?

When they're definitely, not going to be done in a second.

Simular to #27) "Just a minute."

#24) through #26)"It's raining cats and dogs out there."

Do me a favor.
Just tell me it's raining hard.

#25)"Hold your Horses."
We need to be rid of this one, because not as many people have horses like we used to. Although I still don't get it.

#24)"What are ya nut's?"
What does peanuts have to do with being insane?

#18) through #23)"That's hot"

(picture)A thermometer that still works!

#23)"That's hot!"

When something is hot? That means that you get burned. Or you get, far, far away from it.You may thank Paris Hilton, for ruining that one for me.

#22)"that's cool."

Although, I do use this one from time to time. It still makes no sense. That would mean that something or someone is cold, correct? It is similar to the Worthless Saying, that somehow became more popular because of Paris Hilton.

#21)"Right away!"

#20)"Right Now!"

#19)"Right then"

That reminds me of the term "Right" in place of the word "Correct"... As I used above.

This can be very confusing, if you are giving directions to a person?

#18)"Your right"

"Your correct" Needs to be said more.
The person could be assuming you are right handed?

Not likely I guess.
#17)"I've been kicking myself over that one"

I would really like to see someone actually do that?

"I have been guilty of kicking myself in the teeth."
That's the best saying in my opinion, by a band that is.
Here's a link to their My Space, if you would like to check it out?
Alice in chains
A song that is one of my favorites...
You can view it if you like.

5 minutes 35 sec
It's to bad what happened to them.

Worthless Sayings