The late dead person.
This one always confused me? How can they be late if they're not around anymore?
Like the late Bob Barker used to say "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered"

#283)"Let's cut to the chase"

What chase?

#282)"can I have a word with you"

It's always more than just one word.

#281)"with all due respect"

It seems no one really means it anymore when they say this.

#280)"Went to town"

"I went to town on it". People say this a lot, without even leaving their home.

#279)"Jumping Jehosaphat!"

I have no idea? Maybe something religious?

#278)"That would cost me an arm and a leg"

This Elephant named Mosha was seven months old when she stepped on a landmine in Thailand 2006. The explosion severed her right foreleg making it very hard to get around. Later on they had to amputate. This two year old Elephant has been fitted with a prosthetic leg at the Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital in Hangchatr, northern Thailand. Amazing what they can do now medically.

#277)"head on a platter"

They used to place heads on a platter? I guess to eat their brains!

Worthless Sayings