#15)"To tell you the truth" and #16)"In all reality?"

I think most of us are in reality everyday.
#15)"To tell you the truth."

What's does that mean? Usually, you would lie to me?

#12) through #14)"The way I feel on the inside"

Wouldn't it be "In the inside."
But I guess that dosen't sound right, because now we're used to it sounding that way.
(At least I'am)
Can you be on it, if your in it?

How about, #13)"He's got a chip on his (or her) shoulder."
What? Like a potato chip?
I don't get it?...
For some reason I always picture an axe chop right in their shoulder. Not a good mental picture let me tell ya.

#12)"Right on the money!"
I love this one because I hate the idea of money.
In my opinion, money corrupts a lot of people. Not that I wouldn't take some.
Right now!
I usually think thing's won't happen to me.
Foolish of me isn't it?
But I do think a lot of people are the same.

#9) through #11)"Heads Up"

We say this, when somethings going to fall on their head. But instead the person looks up and gets hit directly in the face.
Not to long ago a guy I play softball with took it in the face, directly under his right eye. A good seventeen stitches.
But he still plays. He's a little more careful. But, wouldn't you be?

Another one is?
#10)"That was the best, hands down."

Why would are hands be up, and if they were up, would that mean that you didn't like it?
Makes no sense to me.

#9)"you eat like a pig."
Do all the other animals eat gracefully? Or even elegantly?
It's all a mystery to me?

Worthless sayings #1) - #8)

#8)"I'll be there with bells on!"

What is this supposed to mean?

What, are we cows now?
We're to show up with cow bells on.

Where did this originate from and why?

Same thing with sayings like "I need to get this off my chest!"

Or #7)"I Just needed to get that off my chest, I'm sorry."

Why is it always on our chest's, and
your sorry would be a little late wouldn't it.
When you apologize after you say or do something, that just means that the truth hurts and I'm sorry to be the one to tell you. Or I can't fix it because it already happened.

#6)"Feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders!"

Now, I know that's Not possible.
Why is it on our shoulders?

#5)"I hate to tell ya."

Then why are you telling me?
#4)"If I we're you?"

But, your not? So how would you really know?

#3)"You know what I would do?"

No, but are "You" doing it?

Just like,

#2) "You know what you need to do?"

No I don't, but your going to tell me anyways.

Even sometimes when I sometimes say "yes, I do know what to do." or "I know exactly what you mean"
They will still, tell me in detail what they meant.

I think some people are naturally teachers and maybe just want to help. Others use these sayings to their advantage.

The fact still is for me that I learn better after I have taught someone how to do something. But it depends on what it is. Some people tend to over do it. When I do understand, it's time to move on to a new subject.

It doesn't make me tell everyone how to do things, or when people say,

#1)"Your doing it all wrong."

I want to answer...
"Well, than why don't you do it?" "Apparently your much better than I."
I guess I don't take constructive criticism very well?

It all depends on the way it's said. Or brought to my attention.

It may be all in the approach.

Worthless Sayings