#142) - #144)"Kicked the bucket"

The Graveyard
As far as I know it has nothing to do with kicking any bucket?

#143)"It didn't cost me one red cent"
Is there a red cent? Or were they even red at one point in time?
By the way if you #142)"happen to stumble upon" this coin, don't let it go because it's worth money.

#140) and #141)"There's a part of me that thinks"

I would assume that part is your brain.

#140)"Had to drag it out of him" (or her)

Stumped on that one?

#138) and #139)"Grab life by the horns"

What kind of animal is best to grab by the horns, because I'm not grabbing onto these!

#138)"No one can do it better"

The chances of that, are very slim.

#137)"You were out of line"

Was I?

#135) and #136) "I'm all ears"

John from Rene's says...

#136) "I'm all ears"

I know it's supposed to mean that they are listening. But why don't they just say "I'm listening"?

#135)"The whole kit and caboodle"

I never understood this?

#134)"The early bird gets the worm"

This is not necessarily always true. After it rains there are plenty of worms around.
Plus most humans do not even eat worms.

Worthless Sayings