#133)"half naked"

Usually it's more like 3/4

#130)"brake a leg"

#129)"Just pulling your leg"

Makes no sense to me?

#127) "Flippin the bird"

I found out that I have long fingers today.
By a friend.Why do people take this offensively. It's not like their #128)"mooning" you. I would be more offended by someone pulling their pants down to show you their ass.

You would think long fingers would make me better at the guitar.

#126)"Wet your whistle"


#125)"That's the bomb"

Last time I checked, bombs are not used for good things usually.

#124)"When pigs fly"

John came up with this one.

Why couldn't it be a turtle?

Or a dog and a lot of other animals. I've also heard of "when monkey's fly out of my butt."

#122) and #123)"All the time in the world"

I wish!

#122)"Keep an eye out"

I don't get it?

#121)"I have eyes on the back of my head"

No, you don't...
#120)"woke up on the wrong side of the bed"

What if your bed is against the wall?
You would always get up on the wrong side...
Or the right of course.

#119)"Head over Heels"

He was head over heels...

Isn't your head always over your heels?

Worthless Sayings