#18) through #23)"That's hot"

(picture)A thermometer that still works!

#23)"That's hot!"

When something is hot? That means that you get burned. Or you get, far, far away from it.You may thank Paris Hilton, for ruining that one for me.

#22)"that's cool."

Although, I do use this one from time to time. It still makes no sense. That would mean that something or someone is cold, correct? It is similar to the Worthless Saying, that somehow became more popular because of Paris Hilton.

#21)"Right away!"

#20)"Right Now!"

#19)"Right then"

That reminds me of the term "Right" in place of the word "Correct"... As I used above.

This can be very confusing, if you are giving directions to a person?

#18)"Your right"

"Your correct" Needs to be said more.
The person could be assuming you are right handed?

Not likely I guess.

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