#72) through #73)"I promise" and #74)

When a person try's to end a conversation.....(Or begin one?)

#74)"All I'm trying to say is...?"

Now I know, that's not all your gonna say...Is it?

Bush with a couple of words gone wrong?

I thought this was funny.
I'm not sure if I'm against, or for Bush? Never was very political. Although I did vote for the first time this year. Even though I've been registered to vote for a long time. Don't ask me why, because then I would probably go off on a tangent, about why I didn't vote for so long.
Old feelings might arise.
I also will have a valid complaint now, on why certain people shouldn't be running in office.
People would always ask "Well, did you vote?" and of course I would say "No"
They would follow by saying "Then you have no right to say anything"
I just felt that there was no one worth voting for. Things have not changed.

There is no more political stuff. #73)"I promise!"
Thats like #72)"I swear!"
This saying "I promise" or "I swear" is used way to often, and not followed by enough people.

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