#266) Shots Are On The House

Your in a bar not on a house

#265)Off The Chart

Time for a bigger chart.

#264)"Old Bag"

I guess it's an unpleasant,ugly or ill-tempered woman.

#263)"All Walks Of Life"

That would include insects,animals and humans! But humans usually refer to other humans while saying this?

#262)"What A Tangled Web We Weave"

How does this have ANYTHING to do with humans?

#261)"Elbow Grease"

It still makes no sense to me?

#260)"Cold shoulder"

Always a bummer...

#259)"Something smells fishy"

Only if there are fish around.

#258)"Friday the 13th"

I'm not superstitious especially not over some lame movie.

#257)"Douche bag"

Total douche bag!

#256)"I can see right through you"

When can anyone see right through you, unless your a ghost of course.

#255)"Horn dog"

Usually its referred to guys that are too horny or vulgar about sex. Not sure why though?


What the???

#252)"Red in the face"

It's more pinkish isn't it?

#251)"Vertically challenged"

I'm still unsure of exactly when to say this?

#250)"He is one cool cat"

The problem with this one that people say it about guys.

#249)"Well oiled machine"

Not every machine needs oil... Or do they?

#248)"Left him in the dust"

An odd saying for sure.

#247)"Jungle Juice"

I've never seen anyone make or drink jungle juice in the jungle.

#246)"Eye Booger"

I thought boogers were only in your nose?

#245)"Buck Toothed"

What does it have to do with bucks?

#244)"Red Neck"

Now that is a true red neck.

#243)"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

I always thought this saying was pretty lame...

#242)"Money makes the world go round"

The world will still turn without it trust me.

#241)"Cling On"

Worthless Sayings