#291) "sharp as a tack"

Come on really? I can think of a lot of things that are sharper than a Tack. (shakes head)

#290)"sick puppy"

That is one sick puppy!
For some reason this is said about humans. I'm not sure why though?

#289)"bite me"

Be careful what you wish for...

#288)"Made From Scratch"

I thought scratch meant to itch.

#287)The world is your oyster

I've eaten oysters but I never compared them to my world or anyone else's for that matter.
What does an oyster have to do with my world?

#286)Home is where the heart is

I never understood this? Home is where I go to sleep,eat,watch TV,and get comfortable. My heart is in my chest just like everyone else. Wherever I go, there is my heart.

#285)"Let bygones be bygones"

Makes no sense. What's a bygone?

Worthless Sayings