#118)"Nick of time"

What does Nick have to do with it?

#115) #117) and #116)"When in Rome"

Co-workers that have #117)"caught wind" of this site. I have to thank Tom and John for these two.

Tom says...
#116)"When in Rome"

I say...
What do you do in Rome?

John says...
#115)"Penny for your thoughts"

I say...
Your going to pay someone a penny for their thoughts. Offering only a penny, wouldn't that be an insult?

If I had pictures of them I would put them in here, but unfortunately I don't.

#114)"My nose is running"

I think it should be leaking not running.

#113) through #111)"Mind your Ps and Qs"

#113)"A Day late and a buck short"

Why is a dollar called a "buck"?


#112)"Another day another dollar"

Someone caught me.^

#109)"Speak of the devil and #110)

#110)"That is so kickass"

If it's going to kick me, I don't want anything to do with it.

Different words for the gluteus maximus. Buttocks(U.S. slang). Or known as
bum,butt,rump,tail,tailend,backside,booty,junk in the trunk,bottom,caboose,badonkadonk,tush,arse,can,fanny,buns and I'm sure there is more.

#109)"Speak of the devil"

That's a little extreme isn't it? Assumming everytime someone happens to walk through the door(when your speaking of them) that they're the devil?

#108)"Thirty some odd years."

It's always odd, never even?

#107)"You have a awfully Dirty Mind"

Really, not possible for your mind to be actually dirty.

#105) and #106)"Oopsy daisy"

Parents say this when their throwing their child up and down. I'm not sure why?

My nephew yesterday said to me #105) "What it is?"

I automatically said back "What is it?"

He didn't know.

#104)"I'm losing my train of thought?"

What do train's have to do with thought?

#103)"I'm a little off track."

What track? Your on a track...

#101) and #102)"Dirt cheap"

Even dirt is not that cheap anymore.

#101)"Jet black"

What does a jet have to do with being real dark?

Worthless Sayings