#99) and #100) Worthless Sayings

#100)"I don't mean to interrupt"

What exactly do you think your doing now?

#99)I didn't mean to be eavesdropping but..."

Too late!

#97) and #98)"writers block"

There's this thing called #98)"writers block."
I can almost understand that? Somedays I'm better than others, as far as being creative.
But there is not a block of any kind.

#97)"I laughed so hard my sides split"

I guess it would have to be really funny to have that happen. But I don't think it's possible? I've never seen it happen, have you?

#95) and #96)"Thanks a ton."

I don't know anyone who can lift 2,000 pounds.

#95)"I'll tan your hide!"

Your going to take me to a tanning salon?

#93) and #94)"Drinks are on the house"

You've got a refrigerator on your roof? I'am not drinking, on any house

#93)"I wasn't going to say anything, But..."

I'm always afraid of what's going to be said next?

#89) through #92) "Tattle tale"

I didn't know "Tattle" was an actual word.
It still sounds funny to me. Tattle tale?

#91)"I'am getting sick and tired"

Not just sick. Oh no. You have too be tired too?
Can also be said seperatly.
Saved this map from getting too badly burned. I'am really proud of it for some reason.

#90)"Oh my gawd!"

gawd=god of course.
I'm not liking that one.

I worked with a woman who would say #89)"are you kidding me" after almost everything anyone would say.

#87) and #88)"Another one bites the dust"

Wouldn't they bite, into dirt?

#87)"Look at em, up on their high horse"

I don't see any horse when they say this to me?

#81) through #86)"Who cut the cheese"

There is a few ways to say that someone farted. Maybe more?
#86)"Who cut the cheese"
I guess to some people, certain types of cheese can smell bad? I don't know.
Just don't be down wind, or stuck in a room with these people.

#85)"Who ever delt it, smelt it?"

#84)"breaking wind"

#83)"passing gas"

Have you ever heard that?

When people are describing someone who is finished or done with. They say...

#81)"They're all washed up!"

Wouldn't that be a good thing? I would think so.
At least they wouldn't smell bad. They would smell fresh and clean, ready to go.

#78) through #80)"Deader than a doornail"

#80)"Deader than a doornail."

Or is it doorknob?
I don't think it matters.

#79)"What a smart Alec."

Who's Alec?

#78)"Thanks for dropping by!"


#75) through #77)"Give me a Break"

A break from what?

#76)"I feel ya."

You better not be feeling me up.
Why is it feeling me up? Why isn't it feeling me down, or even feeling around, maybe even feeling me? #75)"Ya feelin me?"

#72) through #73)"I promise" and #74)

When a person try's to end a conversation.....(Or begin one?)

#74)"All I'm trying to say is...?"

Now I know, that's not all your gonna say...Is it?

Bush with a couple of words gone wrong?

I thought this was funny.
I'm not sure if I'm against, or for Bush? Never was very political. Although I did vote for the first time this year. Even though I've been registered to vote for a long time. Don't ask me why, because then I would probably go off on a tangent, about why I didn't vote for so long.
Old feelings might arise.
I also will have a valid complaint now, on why certain people shouldn't be running in office.
People would always ask "Well, did you vote?" and of course I would say "No"
They would follow by saying "Then you have no right to say anything"
I just felt that there was no one worth voting for. Things have not changed.

There is no more political stuff. #73)"I promise!"
Thats like #72)"I swear!"
This saying "I promise" or "I swear" is used way to often, and not followed by enough people.

#70)"You know.... I need to make some real money"

What, are you making fake money this whole time?

#69)"They'll talk your ear off!"

I have never seen someones ear fall off, because someone talked to them too much.

Second thought... I've never seen anyone's ear fall off either?

#68)"Just in case?"

Just in case what, in case I go to court?

#67)"You are slower than molasses running up hill."

A classic saying my mother used to say to me. Which to give her credit, it is true.
Molasses cannot go against gravity. But she was implying that I was at a standstill.
How rude.(Just kidding! Don't kill me Mom)
After talking to my Mom, she corrected me by saying I wasn't at a standstill, instead that I was actually moving in reverse! That's even worse...Thanks Mom.

That reminds me of people who think there in trouble.
#65)"Their going to kill me!"

They are not going to kill you. I highly doubt it...

#66)"i, before e, except after c?"
Am I misunderstanding something. What about the word science?

#59) through #64)"How are you doing?"

They say...
#64)"How are you doing?"

When this is said, people say of course something like,

"How are you, doing?"
#63)"whats going on?"
#62)"You, doing alright?"
As I nod my head.

"Good." They say.
or "Great."

Even if I didn't answer their question, they still answer.
I don't necessarily have to answer. Weird?
Unless they say,
"Not so good"
Then I always say #61)"Oh, really." #60)"That sucks."
This of course happens most, when I do know the person.
I think they call it #59)"small talk."

Which small talk, almost always turns out to be a long talk.

I want to answer, but I figure they don't want to hear all that nonsense that I could say.
Do they really want to hear all that personal stuff.
Maybe they do, but I would say
Probably not.
I have to confess I do this to a lot of people. Even to the ones I know best.
I'm trying to change though?

#57)"It will blow you away!"

#58)"You've got to roll with the punches."

Roll with punches? All I imagine is someone rolling around taking punches.

Getting blown away doesn't sound very good to me, for some reason?

#56)"Revenge is a dish best served cold."

Why would you want to feed the person that you want to take revenge out on.

Cold or not, these days you could easily heat the dish up in the microwave.

Worthless Sayings