#12) through #14)"The way I feel on the inside"

Wouldn't it be "In the inside."
But I guess that dosen't sound right, because now we're used to it sounding that way.
(At least I'am)
Can you be on it, if your in it?

How about, #13)"He's got a chip on his (or her) shoulder."
What? Like a potato chip?
I don't get it?...
For some reason I always picture an axe chop right in their shoulder. Not a good mental picture let me tell ya.

#12)"Right on the money!"
I love this one because I hate the idea of money.
In my opinion, money corrupts a lot of people. Not that I wouldn't take some.
Right now!
I usually think thing's won't happen to me.
Foolish of me isn't it?
But I do think a lot of people are the same.

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