#142) - #144)"Kicked the bucket"

The Graveyard
As far as I know it has nothing to do with kicking any bucket?

#143)"It didn't cost me one red cent"
Is there a red cent? Or were they even red at one point in time?
By the way if you #142)"happen to stumble upon" this coin, don't let it go because it's worth money.


1Green Thumb said...

One cent certainly isn't going to get you very far today...

Paul said...

That's the truth!
Thanx 1g!
Type to ya later,
I will if u r actually there?
take care...

Anonymous said...

I always wondered about "He bought the farm" in relation to death. What farm?! Then I found this:
Bought the Farm :o) Looks like I learned something new today.

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